Establish relationships that incubate ideas and business value all while creating amazing products and processes.

Experience that crosses business boundaries 

We help our customers ask why and what if to inspire and build successful products and partnerships.  We are able to do this based on our breath of experience across multiple areas including Consumer Products, Aerospace, Automotive, Defense and more.

we’ll partner with you on your journey to create great things

Your Team and project is unique

We understand every project is different but more importantly people are different.   Your team will have different desires and business goals then the next.  We will join you in a dyanmic and collaborative partnership utilizing the best techniques, methods and tools to transform your desires into reality.


Concept Development


Model based

Complex mechanized systems

Achieving design excellence is part our DNA.   When combined with our product passion and cross functional expertise we help ideas become reality.  Please see our portfolio sample below for some examples of what we can show.

DNA: first in automotive industry to develop a parametric, feature based model of a SLA (short long arm) suspension.  This was achieved when experts in the industry said it could not be done.   The concepts deployed in the development of the SLA suspension geometry, motion, 3D control, modifiable geometry and parameters are now the foundation for many solid modeling  techniques (skeleton models, top down modeling, large assembly management as well as in-depth cross model associativity).

Business & Process



Best practices

PLM & CAE tool consulting

Your companies engineering processes, methodologies, and standards play a significant role in getting the full value from your investments.  We help companies establish and utilize global processes and methodologies.   When combined with internal and industry standards we ensure consistent and proven process value, improved productivity and quality designs.  

We have provided; engineering business strategy (the why), CAE & PLM tool bench-marking & contract negotiations, leading CAE best practices, design & modeling based standards, and workflow development.

Let us help you leverage your current investment, capitalize on your engineering tool’s functionality and achieve your full value.

Graphics & Rendering

Compelling branding




It’s competitive out there

Bring your designs to the forefront and inspire others. Our graphics and renderings help you sell the concept, communicate the targeted goals, and win the business. Let us help you create richer, impressive, and compelling material for your next engineering, sales, or marketing project.

Crowd funding success:  Quad Mountain LLC

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!

Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser

Sample Portfolio