Entrepreneur, Engineer, Author, & Strategic PLM Leader

Tim McLellan

Skeleton & Top Down Design

Timothy F. McLellan, President:

Mr. McLellan is a recognized leader and expert in the field of Engineering & Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). With in-depth exposure and experience in every major CAE modeling & lifecycle management tools, he understands and knows how to obtain value out of your engineering investments – strengthen; people, process and technology.

Tim has held positions throughout his career from Engineering to Senior Leadership in areas of Design, Product Development, Information Technology, and Application Engineering. Tim is a successful entrepreneur (Kickstarter), speaker, author on Solid Modeling Advanced Techniques, and other publications. He was also the first in the automotive industry to develop kinematic, parametric, feature based, models of an SLA suspension in the early ’90’s when leading engineering firms said it could not be done.

Prior to founding Mobius Innovation & Development, Inc. Tim was Manager, for Global Interior Core CAD at Visteon Corporation (formally the Automotive Components Group of Ford Motor Company). He also held positions as Global Information Technology Manager, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Strategic Projects Manager for Visteon Corporation. He was responsible for Mechanical CAE requirements for PLM tools in Visteon. Tim served as Technical Specialist and was one of only a handful of people ever elected to the management role at Ford Motor Company based on his technical expertise in CAD/PLM. Also, He has been a recognized business contributor during contract negotiations for the purchase of PLM/CAE tools (>1M).

Specialties: Technical Team Management, PLM, Mechanical Design & Engineering, CAE, CGI, PDM, Benchmarking, & Software Negotiations (>1M)