Press Releases


“3D Visualization — Could It Be Today’s Betamax vs. VHS (X vs. Adobe)?”, View point essay,, March 24, 2006 (rated 4.5/5.0 stars by readers)

“Imagine Digital Design”, Pro/E the Magazine, September 1999 (unedited version)

“Pro/ENGINEER Tips & Techniques, The Professional User’s Guide to Advanced Techniques”, OnWord Press 1996

Speaking Engagements

PlanetPTC Live Las Vegas, USA, June 12-15, 2011: Turning an idea into reality – in record time – with CREO and KeyShot. A case study on the development of the Quad Mountain iPod Watch/Wristband (

PTCuser World Event 2008, June 3, 2008, Long Beach, CA: Getting Your Entitlement from Your CAD Tool: A guide for Managers and Users

Product Lifecycle Management Road Map™ 2004, Dearborn, MI September 22-23, 2004. Open CAD and Collaboration – Participation in a PLM Framework

MCAD Expo 1996 & 1997, Solid Modeling Tips and Techniques